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Lost Car

I’ve lost my car in some strange, unknown place. I know it’s here somewhere, maybe a block away. Over there? Nope, not there. How about over here? Nothing works. I can’t Google it. I can’t connect to it with my iPhone (what’s an iPhone???). The button I press on the key fob results in no horn sound I can hear. I think I remember the landmarks, the lost road signs, but retracing my steps lead nowhere.

The only way out of this dilemma of tragic proportions is to wake up and realize this was only a dream. And I wake up and I realize that, no, this time, not a dream. Or maybe the dream isn’t over yet? I remain stuck.

Worse yet, everyone else around me is stuck too. We’re all looking for the same damn lost car and it’s just not here. It’s not anywhere. We’re nowhere.

If you’re not one of us lost souls, if you know the way out, please share it. Please share it right now. ¡Immediatamente!

Thanks for listening.