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Livestreaming jazz on a Sunday afternoon. #jazzchurch 05!

Today’s #jazzchurch livestream featured music by Miles Davis, Charles Lloyd, Cannonball Adderley, Roy Hargrove, and Dave Holland, just to name a few. We end with great Pharaoh Sanders song I was reminded of this week, “Hum-Allah.” The songs this week seem to fit my mood given all that’s going on in our world! We could use some uplift, some new resolve, peace, and some hope!

I hope the music does that for you! Enjoy!

bbebop ยท #jazzchurch 05 - Only Three Mistakes - Sunday, May 31, 2020
Here's an Apple Music playlist containing the publicly available songs I played.

Tune in 1-3pm PDT next Sunday for another edition of #jazzchurch!

For the past month, I’ve been streaming some of my favorite music. I call the “program” #jazzchurch. Years ago, I declared, “ jazz is my religion.” While I grew up going to church every Sunday, I got away from all that in my rebellious teenage years. My church just wasn’t doing nearly enough, I thought.

What the church did do, even for me, was provide spiritual sustenance. That feeling has never left me. I connect most deeply with the music we sang and listened to back then.

And then I discovered jazz. Not that it was hidden or anything. Maybe jazz found me? I fell in love with the music, even learning to play myself.

And you know what? The music is where I go to search for and find meaning and connection. I love the idea of being in the moment, and live streaming like this is one way to achieve that. I think, “what do I want to hear next, what does it mean to me, and how does it connect me to this moment?” Hopefully, to the next moment too. It’s two hours of music in two hours’ time.

You can listen to today’s stream and learn a little about the songs I played in this blog post.