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#jazzchurch 15 Playlist - Sunday, August 9, 2020

Welcome to #jazzchurch where The Rt. Rev. Dr. Uncle Billy Bob Jackson Brown Berry Black, Jr. Esq., – aka Bill E. Bob – livestreams some of the music that’s resonating for him right now.

Today we featured music by Kenny Garrett, Bobby Watson, Wynton Marsalis, Chick Corea, Kenny Barron, and others shown below:

  1. Sing A Song Of Song (Kenny Garrett)
  2. Pere (Bobby Watson)
  3. Down Home With Homey (Wynton Marsalis Septet)
  4. The Loss of a Moment (Kenny Barron, Roy Haynes & Charlie Haden)
  5. Estuary (Tom Harrell)
  6. Irdir (Sylvain Luc)
  7. Teo/Neo (Edsel Gomez, Alex Acuña, John Benitez & Sammy Figueroa)
  8. Bohemia After Dark (Richard Galliano)
  9. Pic Pocket (Live) (Lenny White)
  10. Cor De Rosa (Rose Colored) (Steve Slagle)
  11. Backward Country Boy Blues (Terri Lyne Carrington)
  12. Open the Door ‘90 (Betty Carter)
  13. Where Have I Loved You Before (Chick Corea)
  14. Where Have I Danced With You Before (Chick Corea)
  15. Where Have I Known You Before ? (Chick Corea)
  16. Love Is (Mark Masters Ensemble, Oliver Lake, Tim Hagans, Peter Erskine & Dave Carpenter)
  17. Take The Coltrane (Kenny Barron)
  18. Old Wine, New Bottles (The Manhattan Project)
  19. Wiggins (Kenny Garrett)

Livestream Replay

bbebop · #jazzchurch 15 - Sunday, August 9, 2020
Here's an Apple Music Playlist containing the publicly available songs I played today: