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#JazzChurch 28 - Sunday, November 8, 2020

#jazzchurch 28

#jazzchurch – Sunday, November 8, 2020 – features post-election day reflection music by Jessica Williams, Rudy Royston, Abbey Lincoln, Abdullah Ibrahim, and Bill Withers, among others shown below:

  1. Astral Traveling (Pharoah Sanders)
  2. Prayer (for the people) (Rudy Royston)
  3. Prayer (for the earth) (Rudy Royston)
  4. Resolution (Marc Johnson)
  5. Prayer and Meditation (Jessica Williams)
  6. The Mountain (Abdullah Ibrahim)
  7. Learning How to Listen (Abbey Lincoln)
  8. Mercy Street (Kate McGarry)
  9. Rainy Night In Georgia (Brook Benton)
  10. Deluge (Taylor Eigsti)
  11. Blue Tuesday (Jessica Williams)
  12. Killer Joe (Marc Johnson)
  13. Tutu’s Promise (Live) (Jessica Williams)
  14. Lean on Me (Bill Withers)
  15. Inner Urge (Joe Henderson)
  16. Plaisir d’amour (Jacky Terrasson)
  17. Come Into My Life (LaBelle)
  18. Ambiguous (Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers)
  19. Feelin’ Good (Nina Simone (Joe Claussell Remix))
  20. Bellavia (Chuck Mangione)
  21. Lovely Day (Bill Withers)
  22. Time for a Change (Malcolm Strachan)

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bbebop · #JazzChurch 28 - Sunday, November 8, 2020
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