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Wait ‘til Next Year! (1/18/2015)

Here’s a six-years-ago-today post I shared on Facebook.

I’m a Niner fan living in Seahawks country. And actually, I started out as a Jet fan. I root for the Seahawks to beat everyone except those two teams. And for the last few years, I’ve been rooting for the Hawks to play (and lose to) the Niners in the NFC championship game. Well, not this year, to be sure.

I’ve been thinking of the NFC Championship as the real Superbowl and saw a sign to that effect in Century Link today.

This is the first place I’ve lived where there’s only one NFL team, and it’s really cool to see how everyone, well, almost EVERYONE here, is behind this one team. The 12th Man is no joke!!

Today’s game was simply amazing. With the Niners, I’m already in wait til next year territory. And it was looking like my Seahawk-loving friends might join me. But what an unfrakkinbelievable ending to that game. I can’t think of a game that comes close, not even Superbowl III!

One reason I like this team so much is Pete Carroll’s leadership. His use of team psychology to get the players playing not for themselves but the team. I think those ideas have great relevance at work, but most of the time, they’re just ideas. So it’s really cool to see true team success, in NFL football. Seahawks football!

So that’s it. GoHawks!

Notes: I love the insight about teams, both on the field and at work. Of course, the Seahawks went on to lose the Super Bowl to the dreaded New England Patriots. Moral of the story? Build a great team and run the damn ball! (aka, “execute like crazy”)!