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I apparently thought this was funny five years ago…

I had some time before my bass lesson yesterday (teacher talked me out of throwing in the towel!) and went to Starbucks. I was sitting next to a couple of ladies who were having a meeting about upcoming children’s dance recitals. My ears perked up when they started talking about Donald Trump. They seemed to think he’s a breath of fresh air, but one of them also said if he’s elected she’s moving to Canada.

Me? Staying in the great PNW to avoid the zika virus (in case I get pregnant). Spending more time in the shed (trying to prove my bass teacher right). Praying for a little sanity (and more good wine).

The country is more divided than any time since the civil war and I don’t see anything on the horizon that’ll bring us together. Maybe a truly bad president to go along with our truly bad congress. Maybe that’ll motivate millennials to take control of their country?


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