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Library Day, February 1, 2019.

I used to observe the first Friday of most months as a #LibraryDay (described below). Here’s a journal entry from two years ago. Maybe I’ll get to do this again later in 2021?

I’m at the library because, yes, it’s #LibraryDay!!! This one is a little different. I brought all the paper and stuff that’s accumulated on my work surfaces over the past month, and I’ve yet to really go through them. I have handled some stuff in my “action” folder, but that’s about it.

What have I been doing? Literally, just getting caught up on things I need to do, have intended to do, and just haven’t done. A whole bunch of them. Mostly in Word, email, Slack, web apps. A lot of “processing” and “editing,” etc. It feels very, very good. And productive.

I need to find more time – especially during working hours – to do. exactly. this. So do we all!

Here’s something else: Don’t you just love epiphanies? Especially the kind about that thing you did that was oh so successful, and now you realize that it wasn’t. Or that it would have been, could have been, so much better if you hadn’t had your head up your arse?

Yeah, it’s #LibraryDay, and I just had yet another one of those!!!

I think that means, among other things, that I’m still here and, hopefully, still learning…

#KeepOnPushing (that’s for John Gaines!)