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Coronavirus Mutations In Boston Patient May Hold Clues To Variant Origins : NPR

Okay, this is frightening!!! Occasionally there are reports of a mutation where the infected person has not traveled or been in contact with a recent traveler.

In other words, perhaps the coronavirus uses long-term infections as a mutational testing ground. While inside one person, the virus can try out all these different combinations of mutations and figure out, through trial and error, which ones are best at evading the immune system or helping the virus become more infectious.

Most of these viral versions probably don’t spread beyond the chronically infected patient. But every once in a while, as the theory goes, a variant gets lucky, infects a large number of people and launches a new whole stage of the pandemic.

And this process is likely happening again right now, worldwide, in other immunocompromised patients. Eventually, these new variants could mutate again and create even more dangerous forms of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 is improvising! Death is improvising!!