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Yesterday, the third Thursday of April, was the second National High Five Day in a row during which I, self-proclaimed Chief High-Five Officer, gave zero high-fives!

Why are high fives important to me? Here’s a bit of brilliance from one of my esteemed former colleagues:

“As Bill and I ‘High-Fived’ at the end of our meeting today, it occurred to me that you can’t really effectively High Five by yourself. It takes more than one person. It is a shared validation of a positive outcome or success (which can be any step achieved along the way), agreement of ideas, vision, or action plans. And, it feels good, brings inspiration, acknowledges, carries momentum and gives positive reinforcement. Have you ever experienced a negative High Five?”

So, I started high-fiving everyone, becoming a high-fiving fool.

I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over!!!