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Random Friday Thoughts

It’s Friday, early afternoon. I’m sitting on my deck, having had a most hectic morning. I missed a Board meeting to work on a presentation that was due this morning. We’ll be seeking approval for three bond financing transactions, the details of which are all still in-flight. We were an hour late, but still okay. #whew!

Next up was a meeting with part of our financing team (representing advisers, our lawyers, the bankers, and their counsel). We were working to finalize the terms of one transaction when a new idea popped up. I quickly conferred with colleagues and decided to incorporate the new idea into our deal. #dingdingding!!

The meeting was about to end when I suggested something ridiculous. I asked one of our advisers to get up, rack up the balls on the pool table that’s been behind him in all of our Zoom calls, and then break them. He did, it was hilarious, and folks said we should have all of our meetings like this one.

So, suggesting stupid unusual things can sometimes be so #winning!!! :-)

These events confirmed another thought I’ve had lately: I #LOVE doing #BondDeals. They present opportunities to do big things, and I #LOVE doing big things!

Financial engineering is an area where I’m free to act. I’m trusted, and, working with some pretty awesome colleagues, we’ve entirely reshaped the finances here in the last nine years, with still more reshaping to come.

I’m trusted in this space, and it’s fun. We’ve made progress.

Now about some of those other spaces…

Okay, back to #winning! Did I mention I’ve been sitting out on our deck under an umbrella? Right now, it’s 83º with a light breeze. I’ve been sitting here in a tee-shirt, shorts, living – I mean working – the life of Riley. No complaints, despite what I wrote above.

One more thing. I’m losing a fantastic team member. She’s moving on to bigger and hopefully better things. She’s made a tremendous impact here and will continue on a grander scale. Of course, I have mixed emotions, but this isn’t the first time. I’ve had other great people move on to other opportunities. One example is the banker we met with this morning. He was part of my team when I arrived here nine and half years ago. A little over a year later, I wrote:

[On my first] morning, I witnessed a great presentation about my company’s financial outlook. That evening, when I went home, I told my wife, “Thank God that guy works for me!” Well, effective today, he no longer does. He’s moved on to a new career, doing almost identically what I did many years ago at the same point in my career. I wish him luck, and will miss his energy, curiosity, and drive!

The new idea this morning came from him, and it’s not the first time. The great people seem to always be around, with energy, curiosity, drive, and a penchant for helping.

That’s #winning, too!!!