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On This Day: Mulgrew Miller on “Why I Play Jazz” (8/18/15)

I love hearing Mulgrew talk about those rare transcendent experiences as the reason for playing this music. Deep and similar to how other jazz greats have spoken about the exact same thing. #thatswhatlifeisallabout!!!

I love to apply great business ideas where I work. Change is it for me. Positive change. From great to awesome! Alas, it’s hard. Difficult. So many obstacles. I cherish the moments when there’s a connection, a spark. When something great happens.

The thing is, that’s a lot like jazz. In this interview, Mulgrew Miller says what Dizzy Gillespie and many others said. Great, great musicians reach moments of transcendence … rarely.

It happens. And that’s what they live for. But they don’t know when it’s going to happen. Can’t predict it. When it happens, WOW!