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Wordle, the Brain, and Unconscious Bias

Wordle 251 3/6


I’m wondering how the brain works. I frequently have the correct Wordle answer provided to me by my brain. I feel stuck. I’m not consciously working through all the options. I mean, sometimes I’m trying to do that, and then what turns out to be the correct word just … pops up. That happened again playing today’s game.

We only use a small portion of our brain for conscious thought. The rest of our brain works quietly on our behalf without us being in actual control. That may have something to do with it. In the case of Wordle, my brain looks through all the possible choices and serves up a good answer without me knowing that it’s happening. Deep!

Perversely, I think this may also demonstrate how unconscious bias works. I swear I’m not biased in my thinking. I’m not aware. However, my hidden brain is biasing my thinking without even letting me know. Make sense?

What do you think? What’s your experience?