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Tanganyika Dance - The Sound of Jazz!

I love Kurt Elling’s version of this great McCoy Tyner composition, and especially these lyrics:

One thousand saxophones infiltrate the city,
each with a man inside
hidden in ordinary cases
labeled fragile.

A fleet of trumpets drop their hooks
inside of the outside.

Ten waves of trombones approach the city
under blue cover of late autumn’s neoclassical clouds.

Five hundred bass men, all string-feet tall,
feeding it back to the bass.

One hundred drummers each a stick in each hand.

The delicate rumble of pianos moving in.

The secret agent, an innocent bystander,
drops a note in the wail-box.

Five generals gathered in the gallery,
blowing plans.

At last, the secret code is flashed:

Now is the time!

Now is the time!


The Sound of Jazz!

The City falls!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?