Where or When? #song4today! 2/26/2018

I start my journal entries the name of song reverberating in my head that morning. On this particular day, Where or When was cued up, and led to the following entry:

What song do I want to sing?
And when do I want to sing it?
Where or When?

Which pan do I use?
Which door do I choose?
If I snooze, I lose,
And I’m losing.

The love of my life IS
The love of my life.
I’ve now sent it twice,
And I mean it.

No worries for work.
No dance while I Twerk.
Blah blah blah blah blah!

Don’t press too hard,
Stay outta my yard,
Make Carnitas with lard
I beseech you!
– Bill E. Bob

Oh well, can’t blame a creative spirit for trying. Maybe I can redeem myself by suggesting you listen to Sonny Rollin’s version of Where or When which is also my #song4today!:

Here are a few things you should know…

Again With Attitude!!

George Colligan, Buster Williams, and Lenny White! Man!!!